Lean it if you Mean it – an entrepreneur's journey!
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Testing Lean Startup methodology under the ultimate pressure - entrepreneurial life!

A random dude takes on the famous lean approach and applies it; not at a single startup project, but at living the life, the entrepreneurial life. Follow him in his day to day feedback and see if he succeeds in achieving his goals or fails at everything. Straight talk. Real events. No bullshit.

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What this book will (TRY TO) tell you

In his unique book, Lean it if you Mean it, a young entrepreneur will take you on his own journey to show you how he tried to make it to the top, while helping you, but also himself to understand the best way forward, to promote your own blossoming ideas. Each idea is turned into an objective and tackled using his newfound Battle Matrix Methodology:

Short Description

Describe your objective to give yourself a sense a clear vision of what you are trying achieve.


Define a clear and measurable goal you are trying to achieve in a definite period of time. Be SMART!

Plan of Action

Create a specific plan of action how you will reach the desired goal and acomplish your objective.


Using the lean startup mindset means that achieving goals doesn’t have to be complicated but also doesn't mean it will be easy. Just remember, the leaner the better. So change your lifestyle today, download Lean it if you Mean it and begin your own journey.

E-book Showcase Image
E-book Showcase Image

Battle Matrix Methodology

The Operation Planner encompasses the battle matrix which is a 3x3 setup consisting of your 3 main objectives that you want to accomplish. Followed by micro objectives and reports you are getting all the toolset needed to set your goals and just start fucking hustling. Sign up, download your operation planner and lean it if you mean it. Download now!

The brave first reviewers

  • “ I genuinely think that you have something here with this and it's great when younger people get involved with writing and business. It should be popular among a lot of younger readers.”

    Russell Burgess
  • “ It’s cool, I like it… I haven’t come across something similar and I read a lot of books where lean is associated with business while self development with lifestyle and you combined the both. ”

    Alen Huskanović
  • “ To me, personally, the book has left such an impression that since yesterday when I had read the book, every time I look on the clock I compare to what you have done until that time, and what I have done. Literally! ”

    Katarina Ilečić
  • “ I started reading one night while I was very tired and came to page 22. That is huge for me bearing the fact that I usually fall asleep in five minutes. I really like it. And I laugh a lot! Who would say that you know how to write...”

    Author image
    • Iva Majstorović
    • Account Manager, Degordian

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A Note From The Author

The whole idea behind the book was actually making an obligation towards my imagined future readers to fulfill the goals I have planned and committed myself to do. The feeling of responsibility to put your "money" where your mouth is has kept me going forward and eventually write up this whole piece. So, hello my past-future reader! Are you ready to see if I have stood up to my words?

I hope you will enjoy reading it and maybe take something that will help you with your goals and aspirations. If this book will be able to inspire anyone in starting or getting back on his own journey, rest assured, I will be happy to know that I made a contribution!
- Luka Klancir -

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